Clogged duct

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Abby posted this 04 March 2020

Any recommendations on how to get rid of a clogged duct?! And for the pain? 

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Regina posted this 04 March 2020

Ouch! Those are so painful! You have to knead it out and unblock it, hot shower also helps. 

olivia posted this 05 March 2020

Warm compresses, and lots of pumping! A warm shower also will help! Keep baby nursing as much as possible!

Christine posted this 11 March 2020

So weird but a cabbage leaf on on my boob, just cupped it around my whole breast and popped on my nursing bra, and a heating pad slightly higher on my chest. I left it for about an hour then did another heating pad while I pumped and massaged the area I felt it in. I had clogged ducts like 4 times. Good luck!

Savannah posted this 11 March 2020

Lots of pumping with warm compresses!

Jane posted this 12 March 2020

As hot as you can stand showers while working the mass out towards the nipple. It hurts but after about 20 minutes in the shower it will start to drain. The other trick I learned was laying on the side and letting the baby nurse. It would seem to open it. The more you let them use that side, the more it will help unclog it.

Paige posted this 05 May 2020

Soak in an extremely hot bath and massage that area. Also massage that area while nursing until it goes away. Definitely ouchie but it helps!