City or Suburb to raise kids

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Natalie posted this 12 July 2019

Did you find that moving from a city life to a suburban life was something you HAD to do when planning for a family? Why?  We are having a hard time deciding what it's time to move.  We have space, but cost of living is too high. 

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Audrey posted this 30 November 2019

We lived in a big city before we had our son, and decided to move when we started planning a family. We had a tiny apartment and couldn't have afforded anything better in the city - plus is was a 4th-floor walkup (with stroller and baby - no!). We lived in a very rural setting when we had our son. It was beautiful, but we eventually needed/wanted access to more resources/activities for him. We moved to true suburbia when he was five. This move has been great for him and it was best for us, but we still have friends back in the big city and rural area who are happily raising their kids. I think as long as you have a safe and happy home you can raise a child anywhere.

Derek posted this 06 November 2019

We live in the country because the kids started getting in trouble. Too much going on

Lynn posted this 05 November 2019

I agree that it might be safer in a suburb than the city. With everything going on in the world today you can't be too careful

N posted this 05 November 2019

I feel like suburbs would be safer than city

Jay posted this 05 November 2019

My son is 1 and I have step kids, 9, 14, and 15 and we moved from Orlando to get away from the city. We now live in the country and I feel like it's all around a better environment. 

Jen posted this 05 November 2019

We don't live in a city or a suburb.  Like nowhere near!  I love it though.  We are pretty close between two towns. One is 13 miles east and one is 4 miles west for the closest Walmart.  That is city enough for me.  There's nothing but farm fields around us! Love it!

Elise posted this 20 July 2019

I think suburbs are probably more ideal for families, it would be more of a community feel and probably less riff-raff out at night as well.

Celeste posted this 16 July 2019

Suburb life is great for kids I think. Despite some people driving down your street like maniacs, its really nice. I've lived in the suburbs basically all my life, and I feel like there's less stress, less commotion, less people, really less everything. I'm living in the country now, as I just moved from the suburbs and id have to say that I wouldn't raise my kids in the city. Its just a lot more peaceful.