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Autumn posted this 03 November 2017

Hi there, we are having a boy and he is due next month. While I am very happy about it..my husband and I have been debating whether or not to get him circumcised. My husband wants our baby to be circumcised for the concerns about hygiene. Does anyone know if it is necessary or not in general? (not from religious perspective) and how is the procedure? 

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Lucy posted this 04 November 2017

Well I heard it MIGHT have various health benefits not sure though. I would not do it for my son though just can't imagine the pain afterwards.

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Samantha posted this 23 August 2018

Hi! My sister just had a baby boy and she had him circumcised. She said it was about an hour that he was out of the room and the actual procedure was phenomenal. It completely healed within a week. She had to apply vasoline before she put his diaper on for that whole week so it wouldn’t stick to the diaper and chafe. Good luck!

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Melissa posted this 23 August 2018

Hi Autumn!

I think there is so much conflicting information out there about circumcision. I know it used to be done as a religious ceremony but I don't know how many people actually still do it as such. As far as cleanliness, again, I feel like there is conflicting information for that too. I would suggest a lot of research, speaking to your doctor, and other moms about why/or why they didn't circumcise their boys. I don't think I could do it personally but that's just me. 

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Frankie posted this 24 August 2018

Ok this is going to sound really gross but how is an uncircumcised penis any less clean than a circumcised one? I don’t have boys, only girls... I mean they both do the same things. And I assume they are washed regularly.

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Abby posted this 24 August 2018

I think I am going to agree with Frankie and Mari on this as well. I dont have boys though so I have not been put in that position. But teaching them cleanliness at a young age I think would be appropriate if you choose not to circumcise. 

Janet posted this 24 August 2018

It does seem kind of scary and not 100% necessary but our procedure went really well. He was out of the room for a short amount of time, he didn't seem to be in any pain afterwards and it healed fine/ quickly. There will be a lot of extra work for you and your boy if he is not circumcised. Many people don't understand what the difference is because they have to clean anyways but it is a lot more work especially younger because kids shouldn't take showers/ baths every day but that will need to be cleaned every day, especially to avoid infections if it's not. Very sensitive area.

LOVELY posted this 24 August 2018

With my son, it did not take that long. And he was sleeping after the procedure. 

Belinda posted this 25 August 2018

It is very controversial. There are a lot of arguments for the health reasons and some say it has no meaning. I would have one if I have a boy since hubby had one. 

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Hadiza posted this 26 August 2018

I am not sure i will circumcise my baby. I can't bear inflicting such pain on a baby. I don't judge if anyone wants to do it though.

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Hilaria posted this 26 August 2018

There is no question on whether to or not for me. I will circumcise, humans are social being. I wouldn't want my kid to be different from others around him.

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Eva posted this 28 August 2018

Its challenging to decide. I am not sure the husband will support me if i chose not to.

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Amy posted this 29 August 2018

I don't know about the hygiene but we had our son circumcised. My husband went with him and to watch because he was curious. And he said he got sick but our little one did great! The doctor was good and our little one healed just fine. He didn't know what happened. Just slept! 

Casey posted this 29 August 2018

My boyfriend did this for his son... Everything went well and there were no worries later about hygiene! But, it all comes down to what you two decide. 

toni posted this 31 August 2018

I would recommend it. I did it for my little one. 2 days after he was born they did it at the hospital and everything went so well! no complications, the baby wasn't even crying when they brought him back to me and it was a process of 20 minutes I think. I also know two of my nephews that didn't get it and they always had complications. They would always get UTI's etc. so I would deff recommend it

Kristi posted this 02 September 2018

I plan on circumcising our baby boy after he is born. I've done my research and from a hygiene perspective it is cleaner and better.  I guess I"m also vain because I don't want him looking different from other guys when he is older.  I do know that you need to be stocked up on Vaseline to use every time you change his diaper after this is done to prevent it from sticking to the diaper and to promote healing. 

Katherine posted this 02 September 2018

It's an entirely personal decision between you and your husband. I plan on circumcising my sons as it's more common here, more hygienic, and easier to care for. 

Amy posted this 02 September 2018

My son was done. It was no fuss really. It was easy to care for and he's never complained (11 now). 

Amber posted this 15 October 2018

Super personal decision that's entirely up to you and your husband. In the US it's more common and often thought to be more hygienic. 

Janelle posted this 16 October 2018

I’m expecting a boy too so I am definitely following this topic. I have been reading so many opinions on circumcising. Very controversial right now! The last article I read said currently close to 50% of new baby boys are not being circumcised. I’m still undecided.

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Jeanetta posted this 16 October 2018

We're not doing a gender reveal so I don't know yet, but if I am having a son I will not circumcise him. There's nothing wrong with leaving him as he was born until he's old enough to decide. I think it's best for him in the long run

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