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Kristi posted this 02 September 2018

Are the car seat systems with bases that work with strollers best?  I'm trying to finalize our purchase and it is hard to tell based on the products' sites because of course they are going to be the best on there!  Thoughts on if all of this is necessary?  Looking at Chico 3 in 1 right now. 

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Danielle posted this 04 September 2018

Chico brand is pretty good! I think it's smart to get the strollers that have a specific carseat that can attach to it. The convenience is the best part. I had gotten the Chico and wasn't disappointed at all. The quality and comfort of it was perfect for us.

Jamie posted this 05 September 2018

I've been doing a lot of research and Chico and Britax are the two brands that seem to have the best ratings.  My sister has the 3 in 1 and it is super easy to snap the car seat into the base in the car and into the stroller.  Her husband has a base in his truck and it makes switching vehicles super easy because you just keep the base installed. I'm a soon to be new mom and this is what I'm going with. 

Lauren posted this 05 September 2018

We loved our Chico 3 in 1!!! Soooo easy and sooo convenient! I'd do it again!

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Jackie posted this 05 September 2018

I agree with the Chico 3 in 1 also! Ours was given as a gift and we couldn't have been more grateful. It was a HUGE blessing to have something safe and convenient given to us!

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Shantel posted this 05 September 2018

I have always had a great experience with Chico. So has any other person I know to use them. The 3 in 1 is really helpful and I think definitely a worthy investment. Go for it!

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Alaca posted this 05 September 2018

I have to agree, chico 3in1 is best and convenient. I used it mutliple times and also lent to a close family member.

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Evelyn posted this 07 September 2018

I have the Chico. baby trend also has a good one

Kimberly posted this 14 October 2018

The car seat stroller bundle are the best ones. i have a graco light car seat and stroller is amazing. I think is best if its light and it doesnt weight much because it makes it much easier.

Terri posted this 24 October 2018

Has anyone looked at Britax too?  I'm in the early stages of my pregnancy but we are already planning for expenses like this.  I like the Chico brand but Britax gets really good safety reviews.  Also, have any of you used a jogger stroller? 

Terri posted this 24 October 2018

I  use both of those brands Terri!  The chico system is great for the bases and easy click in of the car seat.  I kept a base in my car and one in my husbands and it made life so easy because you were not having to move around whole car seat systems when you were going to be in a different vehicle.  I also love the stroller that comes with the system too.  Good quality on all of the materials.  I use a Britax for my older child that is forward facing and this seat will grow with him until he is out of a booster (what...12 years now...ha)!  It is also of high quality and gets great marks on its safety.  I'm impressed by both. 

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Tammy posted this 24 October 2018

I have to agree with the other ladies the chico 3 in 1 is great! Easy to use and very convenient. 

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Evie posted this 25 October 2018

Chicco! I used the infant carrier in the beginning then switched to the 3 in 1 which was awesome.  I agree on purchasing the system together.  We purchased 3 bases, one for my car, husbands, and grandma's which made it so easy for transferring. Once my son was older we purchased one of the Chicco umbrella strollers for travelling.  

Mary posted this 26 October 2018

Don't get the brand babytrend car seat system with stroller. Such a heavy carseat and the stroller is very bulky not convenient for day trips any where. The stroller however is really good to take on a walk or run. The tires are huge and make it smooth for baby. I actually don't really like babytrend anything. We got a carseat system and a high chair and I felt like they were just harder to use. There are way better brands out there like graco and chico

Megan posted this 26 October 2018

We used Britax!

BC posted this 28 October 2018

Just remember you don't have to have a bucket seat! You could get a high quality stroller (like a BOB) and then get a convertible carseat that will last until they outgrow it! Everyone thinks they HAVE to have a bucket, and you don't. We love Britax and Diono!

Lindsay posted this 07 November 2018

We bought the chico 3 in 1.  I like that I am able to have a base in my hubs car and one in mine.  The stroller is nice and it has great reviews.  I do plan on purchasing a jogging stroller and I'm thinking we are going with the Bob brand on this one.  Definitely an investment so go with a system that has good reviews and you feel best about. 

bridget posted this 08 November 2018

We love our BOB stroller, especially if you plan on covering a lot of ground. We have a hand me down single and dually that are both 8+ years old and we've never had to do any repairs or replacements on- they're a great investment but you can definitely find them second hand for a good price. 

Lizzy posted this 09 November 2018

I  have to agree, Chico 3in1 is best and convenient. I used it mutliple times and also lent to a close family member.

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Constance posted this 09 November 2018

I have to agree with the mamas the Chico 3in1 is an excellent choice! Easy to use and very convenient.

Amber posted this 09 November 2018

Chico and Britax are affordable and durable baby gear brands!

karolyn posted this 13 November 2018

Britax is a durable, cost effective choice with great standards and ratings. 

Jane posted this 17 January 2019

I used the graco car seat and stroller combo and I liked it well enough until my sister got the Chico and I loved it! Very light weight compared to the graco.