Boyfriend's parents involvement

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maya posted this 22 November 2019

Would be in-laws drop in often, which i didn't mind at first but they have one too many opinions and advice. Don't know how to let them know i got this and will seek their help when i need  

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Arya posted this 23 November 2019

Yikes! depends on your overall relationship with them and your temperament. I would listen but ultimately do what I want. I hope you boyfriend is supportive of you.

Norah posted this 23 November 2019

You have to practice a speech infront of the mirror where you are firm but direct and say. Thank you for all the love and support and I know you mean well... however, I'll ask for you support when I need it and I feel innudated with advice and opinions. Again thank you I know you mean well."

Another more passive option is to say... "thanks, I've gotten a lot of advice on that and I'll try to keep that in mind" which doesn't solve the problem but it's a step in the direction of truth stating that you are receiving a lot of varying opinions. 

Norah posted this 23 November 2019

They probably don't mean to offend you at all but if you suggest that they are stepping on your toes maybe, they'll back off. Remember that it's easier to assert yourself now than in 5 years from now when irritating patterns are practically etched in cement.

Alexandra posted this 24 November 2019

I would just be very honest and straightforward with them, while being respectful.  Something like, "I appreciate your input, but I'd like to figure out how to parent on my own.  If I have any specific questions, I will absolutely seek you out!."

kayla posted this 26 November 2019

I would let my boyfriend handle that or if you feel comfortable enough just let them know you're trying to get your little on a routine, and if you need help you will ask. But until he has his schedule set up, a little space to figure out whats right for your family would be appreciated.