Belly touching? Yay or Nay?

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Kelly posted this 29 August 2018

Here's a fun one: what do ya'll think of strangers touching your belly? Flattered or freaked out? Where do you draw the line? 

When I was pregnant with my son I had all sorts of people reaching out for a feel - even strangers at the store! Eek! 

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Lexi posted this 29 August 2018

What! That’s crazy! And weird! I didn’t mind family and some friends, but I definitely didn’t let anyone else. I wasn’t absolutely crazy about the belly touching in general but sometimes it happens so quick you can’t really say to much, then there would be that awkward moment

Ashley posted this 29 August 2018

That's so weird people do it without at least asking first! LOL....same with after the baby is born and they touch the baby without asking first!!! I'm with Lexi...there were people who I didn't need them to ask....but even if a stranger at least asked...depending on the context...I'd probably let them. BUT...don't touch my newborn! LOL

Danielle posted this 29 August 2018

Lol! I agree! People are so weird! Like what gives you the ok to do that?! I had a guy in Home Depot who worked there, look in my carriage saying how cute, and went to tickle my daughters face. Ummm what?!? I literally had a thing on the car seat that said “don’t touch the baby”

Kate posted this 29 August 2018

I do not think it is ok but I had that happen a lot! At first it was like ok whatever. But then the bigger I got the crankier I was because I was in pain and well your hormones just go crazy so then I got really irritated with it. It's like c'mon lady I don't know you. Please don't be that creepy lady. 

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Amy posted this 29 August 2018

I have a friend who would have random strangers touch her belly. She was always freaked out. As long as friends and family ask its all good! 

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Hana posted this 29 August 2018

Nay...big time nay!  It is your personal space and strangers shouldn't touch your body!!  Family and friends are okay but they should ask first! 

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Casey posted this 29 August 2018

I am 15 weeks pregnant, so I don't really have a baby bump yet.... But, if a stranger touched my belly I would feel the same way I would if a stranger touched me if I wasn't pregnant. Nay Personal space is a big thing for me, and even more so when I am pregnant with my little one. 

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Jessie posted this 29 August 2018

I am a pretty open and affectionate person (call everyone hun and big hug giver lol) so I didn't mind it at all. Sometimes I was like "What? How do you not want to touch this belly? He is kicking!" But everyone is different. Some people are more private than others!!

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Rodyka posted this 29 August 2018

I didn't mind when my family and friends touched my belly. But I hated it when complete strangers extended their hands to my body to touch it. In a different scenario, not being pregnant, if a male stranger tried to touch my belly I would beat him up (not really, but you get my point).

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Jenna posted this 29 August 2018

It really comes down to respect. You should always ask first to understand what the mother is comfortable with. I personally have no problem with family and close friends, but if I don't know you or am not that close with you... DON'T TOUCH ME. If a stranger asks in public, it really depends on the vibe they give me or how polite they are. Im not super reserved, but I definitely like my personal space when I want it.

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Becca posted this 29 August 2018

Freaked out. Please don’t touch my belly. Thankfully I haven’t had that happen. I like my space.

Ginger posted this 29 August 2018

No way!!!! I do not like being touched by strangers! I once had a strange man touch my belly in the Target line without asking or even a warning. It was so creepy and unwelcome. Ugh! 

Kalee posted this 30 August 2018

Not by strangers.  Friends and family are okay and sometimes even that when feeling moody I didn't want to be touched.  On my second pregnancy I accepted it more. I was like okay just do it and didn't mind it all that much.

Sadie posted this 30 August 2018

I love when my belly is touched and rubbed. Family and friends is okay but stranger is just alittle bizarre.  I would look at them with a weird face.

Caitlyn posted this 30 August 2018

I don't like it at all! I just feel that it's a violation of my space. When someone isn't pregnant you don't rub them while passing them in the store. Pregnancy shouldn't change that common courtesy. 

sarah posted this 31 August 2018

This never bothered me because I never had random people come up to me and touch my belly. Only close friends and family. I loved it! Plus, it helped me feel better. weird I know.

Amy posted this 03 September 2018

Definitely no way for me. I do not like strangers touching me!

Gina posted this 03 September 2018

Oh no... definite nay for me. I like my personal space.

Jessica posted this 03 September 2018

It depends on the day for me. Sometimes I don't mind it, but other times when I'm not in a good mood I don't like it at all. Especially when I'm hungry haha! 

Jen posted this 03 September 2018

I'm with Jessie! I'm pretty affectionate. I don't mind. Pregnancy is so obvious when it gets to a certain point. LOL...I think sometimes people just do it to avoid any awkwardness. HA! People don't know how to handle situations so they think the right thing to do is dote on the whole idea because it's "right there in front of them!" LOL  However, I also agree with Jessica. Sometimes it's ok...other times, no. And how is one to know if it's ok or not?? Good question! HAHAHAHAHAHA

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