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Lucy posted this 11 May 2019

I've seen so many different suggested bedtimes. What time do you put your toddlers down to sleep? It takes mine about 30-45 minutes to actually go to sleep. 

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Raine posted this 06 July 2019

I used to be very strict and try to get mine to bed around 70-8, which is easy to do during the winter when it's dark but in the summer they tend not to go down until 9ish.

MacKenzie posted this 09 July 2019

Mine has always had trouble sleeping. Especially during the summer, I'm lucky if she's asleep by 90-10 😳 Depends on the stage she's in too- I've noticed when she's going through a growth spurt, our normal sleep routines and bedtimes kinda go out the window. 

Leah posted this 4 days ago

We try and get our 3 year old in bed between 70-8:00.  She is a master procrastinator and negotiator though and usually doesn't fall asleep until closer to 9:00.  She still naps during the day and sleeps until 60 so she's still getting plenty of sleep.

Stella posted this 6 hours ago

730 as close to as possible 

Amy posted this 5 hours ago

Our typical bedtime used to be 70, but after the time changed we couldn't get her to sleep until 9 all summer. We've gone back to 70-8 now that she's getting up earlier.