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Luna posted this 31 March 2020

because of whats happening lately, should i start buying baby necessities like diapers and wipes? i know a lot of mommas are more in need at the moment, that is why i am holding off. I am due in june

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Rachael posted this 24 April 2020

Luna, what about using cloth or reusable diapers? I'm thinking about doing that after seeing that some friends were happy going that route. Wipes would be pretty easy to stock up on and would last.... Might not be a bad idea. 

Lily posted this 22 April 2020

I would suggest getting a few packs of newborn diapers and a few of the next size up. just enough for you to get through the month so you wont have to worry about having too much diapers that you don't end up using.

Juliet posted this 09 April 2020

I would suggest buying a few packs of newborn as babies grow fast and just enough of the next size up that will last you a month. 

Keesha posted this 02 April 2020

It's hard to say because some babies are too big for newborn diapers when they are born anyway! Maybe just buy a couple packs and donate them if you don't end up using them. I know there are a LOT of moms in need right now, so they won't go to waste. But like other people have said, definitely don't over buy because we are all trying to get by.

Annika posted this 02 April 2020

It can't hurt to make sure you've at least a month's supply on hand. But I wouldn't overdo it.....you're exactly right: if you hoard, other people won't have what they need. But since inventory is hit or miss with some of these essentials I'd go ahead and buy some.

Alaina posted this 01 April 2020

When I was pregnant I bought what I thought would be how much i needed, but I bought so much that I still have a ton of newborn diapers that she cant wear because she grew out of them. Buy enough for you to feel like you don't have to stress about it, just don't buy out the whole stock! 

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Jodi posted this 01 April 2020

I wouldn't stock up. A lot of people are doing that and its leaving nothing, which sucks for the mommas who can't afford to get extra and have to get it as they need it. I would buy a box of diapers and a box of packs of wipes. That will last you for awhile. I'm not sure how your family and friends are or if you had/are having a baby shower, but I didn't have to actually buy diapers until my daughter was a few months old. 

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anna posted this 01 April 2020

I bought a pack of diapers just in case the right size isn't in stock when baby arrives, but I'm not going to stock up. I haven't had any issues finding diapers for my 2 year old so far, so that makes me feel more relaxed. 

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