Baby Shower Themes

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Kaylie posted this 22 July 2019

Did you have a specific theme or color scheme for your baby shower? Is it the same theme as the nursery or different?

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Leeya posted this 24 November 2019

My baby shower was completely different than the nursery. The baby shower theme was "Queen Bee"

amanda posted this 21 November 2019

I want to do the Woodland theme for my next one

allis posted this 20 November 2019

I really like the sunflower theme. I want to do that for my next one because you could use that theme for a girl or a boy and it's so bright and cheery!

Olivia posted this 19 November 2019

There are an insane amount of awesome themes, but I LOVE themes that are based on books that are special to you.  For example, Harry Potter theme, or Where The Wild Things Are theme.

Katherine posted this 18 November 2019

we did the same thing as our kids nurseries, so we could use some of the decor in their rooms.  

Sadie posted this 17 November 2019

I recently threw a shower for my bestie and it was a bee theme ( "mama to bee" ). I downloaded some stuff from Etsy and did the invites on VistaPrint. I had a yellow and black cake made and used tiny bee cake toppers. It was a big hit

Elise posted this 04 October 2019

I've seen some cute Dr. Seuss baby showers!

Tracy posted this 03 October 2019

Baby shower themes are sooo hard to choose! There are so many cute ones and Pinterest doesn't make it any easier lol. I'm hoping to do a "Baby it's cold outside" winter theme.

Jordyn posted this 03 October 2019

We want to do a Winnie the Pooh baby shower!

AnnaLeigh posted this 03 October 2019

I always wanted to do a Nightmare Before Christmas baby shower and nursery but my husband is against it, Lol

Kayla posted this 03 October 2019

A unicorn themed baby shower would be cute for a girl!

Layla posted this 03 October 2019

I like the idea of a moon & stars theme!

Lydia posted this 03 October 2019

We had a woodland baby shower and nursery.

Bethany posted this 01 October 2019

We did Taco bout a baby since that's all I craved 

Ricky posted this 01 October 2019

Yeah a jungle themed shower was very affordable. I can send anyone that's having a jungle/ woodland/ animal themed shower my list off Amazon I purchased.  

Tanya posted this 31 August 2019

I had lavender and white. It was really pretty and light. My sister had zebra pattern and pink. It was too cute!!

Brianne posted this 28 August 2019

We had a Woodland theme for the baby shower and for the nursery~! It was nice because people found items to give us as gifts that would work with baby's room. We also didn't know the gender of the baby, so it was nice to have a neutral theme. 

Sonja posted this 28 August 2019

My baby shower was forest animal themed which is also the theme of the nursery. It saved a lot of money when it came to decorations as you can use a lot of the nursery decor for the party!

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Kathy posted this 28 August 2019

our baby shower was woodland creature (fox, owl, bunny, etc) themed. Our nursery has some woodland creatures too, so I guess that's the nursery theme too.

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Cardi posted this 28 August 2019

We did a "lets fiesta theme" with a mexican food brunch!

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