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Jane posted this 14 February 2019

Hi ladies,

I will be having my first baby shower soon and I want to create a baby registry. When looking at all the baby and mommy items that are available, I become overwhelmed and I want to make sure I get all the necessary things I will need. What are must have items I will need when my baby comes?

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Liana posted this 24 November 2019

Only put the things you know you will use and need, necessities. Diapers, blankets, bibs, stroller, whatever else is vital. If you get multiples of wipes and diapers and sweaters or something, you know you'll use it. The rest, you can shop around for yourself. Then your approach will always be one that is "I'm not going to waste my money so do I REALLY need this?". 

Alexandra posted this 24 November 2019

Things you will actually use frequently are the most important--diapers, wipes, etc.  They will really cut back on costs during the first year.  In addition to that, nice soft towels are super great to have, and a baby monitor that you can rely on. I didn't know what its called exactly, but theres a monitor that you can view on your phone, which is AWESOME.  No extra plug and cord and monitor to carry around.  And you don't have to worry about being "in range"

Sophie posted this 22 November 2019

Register for side-snap shirts for newborns and the next size up from newborn - NOT over-the-head shirts. It's just too hard to put a shirt over those tiny, fragile heads/necks. You can lay out a side-snap shirt open and then lay baby on it - then just slip arms in, wrap and snap. So easy when you are tired and baby needs a change! If you are changing a shirt (from the one they spit up on to a fresh one) you can still lay baby on the fresh shirt, slip off the dirty shirt, clean up baby and then dress. Easy peasy

Cardi posted this 28 August 2019

diapers, pack n play, and breastfeeding pillows if that is what you are planning to do!

shay posted this 27 July 2019

one thing we did was instead of cards we did books, its so much more memorable and perfect as the kids get older.

Jeannie posted this 25 July 2019

The boppy hands down!

Lori posted this 25 July 2019

Also, a lot of places will give you a discount on your registry items! 

Put high ticket items, appliances, tools (strollers, swings) etc. I found that friends who don't buy from your registry tend to buy you clothes.

Hillary posted this 24 July 2019

A lightweight, one-handed fold stroller for when baby is a little bigger.  You may not want to lug your full sized one around everywhere!

Taylor posted this 24 July 2019

Diapers and all the essentials!

Fran posted this 23 July 2019

Get a baby first aid kit.  They should have lots of things you'll need, like thermometers, nail clippers, and even hair brushes.  We have one from Summer Infant that's great.

Emily posted this 23 July 2019

Sounds silly but...a diaper cream spatula!  They are great.

Danielle posted this 23 July 2019

A variety of swaddlers/sleep sacks.  Finding one your baby likes can make all the difference in terms of getting you some rest!

Candace posted this 21 July 2019

Try to stock up on diapers and wipes for sure! One tip I have is have a contest/give away and have everyone bring a pack of diapers as their entry into the contest. Other things that I love are the velcro swaddles. If you are planning on breastfeeding definitely add the haakaa to your list! It is a life saver if you are wanting to store breast milk. 

Layla posted this 20 July 2019

A wipe warmer is a life saver. 

Caroline posted this 20 July 2019

A good bassinet is crucial.  The Halo is great.

Brittany posted this 20 July 2019

Lots of towels, washcloths, and burp cloths.  Skip getting a lot of cloth bibs and stick to the rubbery ones you can wipe off - you'll save yourself the choice between daily laundry and moldy bibs!

Ava posted this 19 July 2019

A variety of swings/seats/pack n plays, depending on how big or how many floors your home is - you're going to need lots of places to put baby down and you won't know what he/she likes until you give them a whirl.

Nina posted this 19 July 2019

I would not register for a lot of clothes, not even onesies.  Granted you know your crowd best, but most people love buying baby clothes and will pick out their own as well, so you'll end up with way too much of that and potentially not enough of the other items you need.  Also, once the baby is born, most people that come to visit bring clothes.

Sam posted this 19 July 2019

Diapers and a Boppy Pillow! I would register for a lot of the items you are going to use over and over and over and over again lol. On the other hand, I would just register a lot of stuff! It gives friends and family an option to decided little gift ideas if their doing a combo ( Thats what I do for when buying for friends showers ect. )

Ruth posted this 19 July 2019

I agree it's overwhelming, all the options out there. Others mentioned diapers, and that's a good call, as well as the boppy pillow. No matter what you put on your registry, people are going to give you baby clothes (because they are the most fun to buy)...so think about the essentials for eating, sleeping, and maybe a little baby bath tub.

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