Baby shower games

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Mary posted this 09 January 2020

I'm looking for activities to do at baby shower. I am having a coed baby shower so something that both men and women can participate in would be great. I don't want it to be too elaborate and easy to setup.  Let me know if you have ideas. I've Google some games but now sure how fun they are.

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Pam posted this 09 January 2020

Guess the baby food flavors, guess the chocolate in the diaper (which really does look like poop), guess the belly size with a piece of string, pool on delivery date, who can drink the baby bottle the fastest. These are all pretty fun and good for both men and women.

Cynthia posted this 10 January 2020

We did similar games as Pam, also guess the number of jelly beans in the large baby bottle. We also had a children's book for people to write little messages in the book for us to read later. It has been great to read these comments while we read the stories now at bedtime.

Jennifer posted this 10 January 2020

We had a great time with the men doing a relay race in changing a baby doll's diaper and clothes, then racing around cones in a stroller.  It was extremely hilarious. It good to choose men who don't have kids yet and your husband. 

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Lucy posted this 10 January 2020

Guess the belly size was a lot of fun. I didn't like each guest trying to wrap a string around my belly so i cut a string after wrapping my belly and had people just put their string against mine to figure out who's the closest. 

ellen posted this 11 January 2020

put chocolate bars on diapers and melt them in the microwave and have people guess what they are, scramble words about a baby and have them figure it out, take the label off the baby  food and have them taste it and guess what it is