Are you ashamed of pregancy stretch marks?

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Dina posted this 24 August 2018

I was overweight before I was ever pregnant.  All my life I have battles with going up and down with my weight.  Due to it, I develop stretch marks and I tired to hide it so noone sees it.  I was ashamed of my body.  Then I got pregnant and develop more marks during and after the pregnancy.  But after I gave birth, I didn't give a damn of my marks and began to accept them as my battle scars  and proof of all the pain and everything I went through growing a child in my body.  I still used lotion and oil but was more for hydration purposes

I would love to hear your story on this topic.


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Melissa posted this 24 August 2018

Hi Dina! I had them at a young age as well, inner thighs and across my breasts. I used to be ashamed of them as well. But as I've gotten older I don't care. Mainly because no one but my husband and kids see them. But also because I grew children in my body. And if getting stretch marks is a "curse" then that's ok. I will now always be reminded of how amazing a woman's body is and that I created life inside of me. I think it also helps with social media. All these women who post pictures of their stretch marks and these movements to love ourselves and that we are enough. For so long it wasn't talked about. So to see other women who are just like me, it makes me feel good. Rock those warrior scars!

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Kris posted this 24 August 2018

No Way! I am not ashamed at all! I even rock a 2 piece at the pool. Say something to me.. I dare you! LOL! For real though,  I get being embarrassed by them. We all want to have this beautiful perfect body and sometimes its just not in the cards. But just know that I think they are beautiful and I will always whistle at you.

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Jules posted this 24 August 2018

hahaha.. I love the positivity in here.  You ladies are amazing, strong and powerful.  Mad respects to all of you.  I see them a beauty marks, accomplishments and reminder of what our bodies can do and there is nothing to be ashamed off.  We can't let the world put us down because we don't look like their photoshop filtered pictures on social media and fashion industry.  I educate my teenage niece on this all the time.


Katy posted this 24 August 2018

Most of the time YES! I don't even like to at them myself so I don't want other people to look at them so I keep them covered. It isn't just stretch marks on my stomach it is the cottage cheese thighs (you know what I am talking about) that also formed. I am pretty average weight for my height and I exercise so it's really discouraging to me. I wish I had the confidence to not care what others thought. I know most moms don't care and they probably don't even have a second thought about it but it's everyone else that worries me. On a side note if I see someone that's showing off their stretch marks it doesn't phase me at all and I always think "good for them".

LOVELY posted this 24 August 2018

AT first, it really bothered me. But now not that much anymore. its just there are some people that will really give you that look though..

Rachel posted this 24 August 2018

Not anymore. I used creams and lotions with my first but with the second one I didn’t care. When my kids see them I let them know it was from having them and they think it’s funny. We laugh about it. It’s a badge of honor like a couple of people already mentioned. 

Julia posted this 24 August 2018

I ended up with a C-section and my worst fear was the huge scar I’d have. Once all the fear went away I looked at it as a “tattoo of my babes.” It’s the best scar I could ever have. It becomes a part of you and it was more than worth it. It’s funny how things change once your little one comes into this world.

Sheila posted this 25 August 2018

No, no one really sees them.LOL I do wear a 2piece (Torrid makes them for plus size women!) but it is high waisted so you don't see my belly. My husband also has no problem with them.

Catherine posted this 25 August 2018

I absolutely had stretch marks, but I used pure coconut oil mixed with shea butter lotion every single night and it actually helped a lot. I still have them but they’re not as visible. My husband lifts weights and he has them on his arms inside, I had him do the same mixture and it helped him too. Again, still there, but it helps!

Felia posted this 25 August 2018

Definitely not! Those are your tiger stripes and you should only be proud of them. Your baby is the outcome in the end so it is totally worth it. 

Belinda posted this 25 August 2018

I am already full of stretch mark, to begin with, additional ones on the belly and thighs will not make much difference.

Heather posted this 25 August 2018

You ladies are so brave! I have always had stretch marks and always been self conscious of them. I definitely don't show them to the world. But I don't feel ashamed of them either. 

Heather posted this 25 August 2018

Ashamed? No. Embarrassed? Yes. Hide them... of course! LOL! But I am very self conscious anyway. I envy those of you who proudly strut your stuff... can you send some of that confidence my way? 

Courtnee posted this 26 August 2018

I have some from losing weight, but I'm a bit scared baby ones will be a whole different beast!

Chimeg posted this 26 August 2018

I am a little self conscious of my belly stretch marks. I used all kinds of creams and lotion for hydration and they still popped out!

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Lhot posted this 26 August 2018

I get really conscious most of the time. But my husband always remind me to not be ashamed of it.

Shameka posted this 27 August 2018

I hate to admit it, but I am. I was quite small before my first child, then to get pregnant and lose the weight, but still have strech marks is a bummer. I try to ignore them, my husband does as well, but it's not about him, it's how I feel about myself.

Sara posted this 27 August 2018

I agree with the c-section comment! I was terrified of that scar...but I have worse scars from other things...with that being said...I must have elastic skin in my abdominal area....because I was huge...and the only part that I got stretch marks on were my breasts...they are still there....but those are a wreck anyway! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA....with or without stretch marks! LOLOLOL

Ashley posted this 27 August 2018

I am self conscious. But...I'm thankful my husband is not bothered by it. I think it would be worse for me if it was in a super visible place...I'm a one piece swim suit person anyway so there really isn't much of an issue outside of my own head...lol

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Haylee posted this 28 August 2018

Nope, i am not..i find it interesting how it showed on my belly and grew with the baby. Women have super powers!

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